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Welcome to Project Eye. I created this game in under one week for the Multiplayer Game Jam on Itch.io.

Project Eye is a cooperative game where two player must work together to escape a heavily infested spaceship. The game is to be played by two player.

- Can't see anything (pitch black)
- Can walk, run, shoot and do anything a zombie game character could.

Assistor 👮
- View the game through Walker's POV (see everything) but ... ...
- Cannot walk, run, shoot and do anything at all

To win the game, the Walker have to fight through his way to a working escape pod. In order to do that, Assistor will be the Walker's Eye 👀. He will communicate with Walker to devise a strategy and escape the spaceship. (edited)

This game require the use of voice chat. Please join our Discord.


project-eye-windows-32-beta.zip 144 MB
Version 1 52 days ago

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